Forget the Meal Kits, Have Someone Else Cook For You

The Meal Kit industry is booming, delivery kits are wonderful as they deliver the ingredients to your door. They provide all the measurements, ingredients and directions on how to prepare the meal you selected. According to the research firm, Packaged Facts, there are now more than 100 meal kit delivery services available in one form or another, from those that will deliver pre-cooked, microwavable meals to companies that specialize in home-delivered juice cleanses or gourmet burgers-in-a-box.


Earlier this month, Morning Consult, a customer satisfaction marketing company, polled 2,191 adults across the country to analyze their relationship to meal kit services. Morning Consult stated, “19% had tried a meal kit service, and, of those 419, 62% had canceled their subscriptions for one reason or another.”


Of the segment that canceled, 49% canceled their subscriptions because they found the kits too expensive and 13% canceled as they didn’t care for the recipes offered. The remaining 38% consisted of people that felt the service was too expensive or that the company didn’t deliver to their area.


As the meal kits are uncooked groceries, they must be cooked within a certain amount of time or they will go rancid. That being said, life happens. Those with a busy schedule may often throw their entire box of food away if not cooked with the given timeframe.


As the recipes have variable prep times, one never knows how long they will be spending in a kitchen. Busy families often order takeout and delivery as it drastically reduces the time of cooking the meal from start to finish. Having your own cook guarantees the food will be cooked and can be easily reheated after that time.


Give a try. It’s as simple as going to a new restaurant, only you’re in the comfort of your own home, you’re allowed to put your feet on the table, and you’re allowed to watch your favorite television shows in the process. Make it your own and have fun!