Turning Your Cooking Passion Into Profit

Want to make some extra cash doing something you love? Here’s your chance!


Do you enjoy cooking and entertaining guests? Do your friends often say you’d make an amazing chef? Have you ever fantasized about having your own restaurant? If you’re nodding your head, this is the industry for you. Many people love cooking and want to make money in doing so, but very few want (or have the funds) to go to culinary school. TableDot.com provides the solution. We provide the talented cook a means to make money by cooking for others, and still have the ability to make good money.


TableDot.com is also ideal for anyone that loves to cook, yet has no one to cook for. If you enjoy looking at recipes on Pinterest or watching the cooking channel, we’ll provide the reason to explore. Come join our family and make money doing something you love!


TableDot.com hires local cooks that have proven knowledge and experience in cooking their favorite meals rather than chefs that charge substantially more for similar quality. Whether it’s the dad that makes authentic Persian dishes, the aunt that makes an amazing coconut curry, or the friend that brings her signature barbecue to your Super Bowl party, they’re all ideal candidates to make a substantial income cooking for others.


We work with your talents, your schedule and your current abilities to generate extra money for you and your family. Simply tell us what you’re good at and what you like to cook, and as soon as someone chooses your dish to be prepared at their home or event, we send you to their home where you cook your signature dish and get paid in return.


Whether you want to work a few hours a week or a few hours a month, your schedule is entirely up to you. Where else can you find flexible, part-time work you truly love and have a passion for?